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Are You Eligible for These FREE New Skillsets?

Skillset - Fee Free training short courses

Want to study a free course with Insight Training?

2020 has been difficult on all of us. We have gone through a spike in unemployment, and just survived a pandemic. We have also seen a few roles gone forever.

fee-free training skillsets

Upskilling your knowledge with short courses have become important for job seekers due to the digital transformation. This meaning there are traditional jobs that are morphing into something different and having to adapt to the new world. To be competitive in this era, job seekers are willing to embrace new machines and platforms to learn how to do their job well. When you apply for a role, pay attention to what platforms and tools hiring managers are expecting you to know.

You can still turn 2020 around with our fee-free training courses in a variety of different industries such as business, community services and many others to upskill your career.

What is a skillset?

Skillsets are used to upskill workers and look great for future employers applying for a role that you need to stand out in. They are offered by the Western Australian government to get us job ready in an environment that is constantly changing.

These courses are funded by JobTrainer – a joint initiative from the WA and Commonwealth Government targeted towards sectors that are growing rapidly in Australia.

If you want to gain employment sooner, a skillset course is ideal for your future employers to consider your CV over any others. Once you complete a skillset, you can also use this credit towards a certification or diploma at Insight Training.

Here are some frequently asked questions for you to understand skillsets and whether or not you are eligible to enrol into.

What kind of skillsets does Insight offer?

Infection Control Skillset


Infection Control Skillset (Retail)


Infection Control Skillset (Transport & Logistics)


Infection Control (Food Handling)


Work in community care


Providing Individualised Support


COVID-19 Direct Care Skillset


Business Ready


We offer a variety of different skillsets (insert link) in a few fields such as:

  • Providing Individualised Support
  • Infection Control Skillset (Transport & Logistics, Retail and Food Handling)
  • Infection Control Skillset
  • COVID-19 Direct Care Skillset
  • Business Ready

Amongst the society we are in today, the Infection control skillsets were developed to get you job ready to manage infection in the workplace. These courses match up to different industries such as hospitality, retail and even transport and logistics.

Enrolling into our ‘Providing Individualised Support skillset’ will provide you with the skills and qualifications to take to your next Support Worker role. You will learn about developing trust with your patients, how to maintain patient-carer confidentiality, reporting signs of unmet needs and identifying aspects of their individualised plan.

If you have a passion for business or are interested in starting your own small business, our Business Ready Skillset is for you! You will learn everything from customer service, producing business documentation, organisation skills, use of business technology as well as developing a Work, Health and Safety (WH&S) plan.

These skillsets are ideal for anyone wanting to either start their own business (with the Business Ready Skillset) or enter into the workforce highly skilled in your career field.

Am I eligible?

Please contact us on 1300 046 744 or email us at After you enrol with our skillset, you will receive a link on your Learning Management System (LMS) to attend your practical sessions on campus and study online.

How many skillsets can I enrol into?

You can enrol into as many as you like, there is no limit unless you enrol into a skillset with the same units, you might need to pay for the second course as you have already completed this unit under government circumstances.

How do I enrol?

You can enrol into any of the above skillsets by enquiring now with us or clicking this link to find out more.

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Are You Eligible for These FREE New Skillsets?