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How to Study and Stay Motivated

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Taking up studies is a bit like going on your first long haul flight. You’re excited, you’re finally going somewhere … except that it’s going to take 23 hours with a three-hour stopover in an airport. Sure, there’s some novelty at first, but then the realisation hits that you’re in it for the long haul, and assessments start mounting.  So how do you keep motivated? There are many ways – here are a few of the best!

Simplify your task

You can easily simplify any task by dividing it out equally into a calendar. Make sure you don’t schedule too much in and be sure to make your schedule as simple as possible. It will also make study planning easier if you plan your personal life. Put your events (such as a wedding or a party) in your calendar and schedule your study around them. You can make time for both study and social activities if you schedule well.

Objective, objective, objective

What’s your planned result of the study you’re doing? It’s usually a first job, a new job, or a better job. Focusing on your long-term objective of your study, becomes particularly useful when you start to feel overwhelmed.  Remember that this is just a moment in time which will pass – the hours of study will not be forever, and you know the result is worth it.


Whether you’re studying, working, parenting or possibly all three – there will always be times when study feels overwhelming. This is a stage where you may have so many thoughts and priorities that you cannot decide what to do next. When this happens, do something simple. Select a simple task and complete it. Your mind just needs to experience a win. It’s important to build positive reinforcement, and lots of little wins add up to something big!

If it feels good, do it more

When you get on a study roll, stay on it if you can. Take a leaf from all the health programs that encourage their members to get in a calorie deficit with the help of exercise – except for you it’s study. The more you study now, the less you will need to do later. If you push a little harder now you will create some extra time when you won’t need to study.

Discipline and persistence

You need discipline to complete any type of training and it’s needed for study too. Routine is what makes discipline simpler – as you are not relying on motivation to get the task done. A countdown timer like marinara can help. Much of your study may involve reading online, and it is easy to get distracted. Apply the marinara countdown timer to your studies and you’ll find that it begins to increase your productivity, discipline and persistence.

Finally, if all else fails we recommend borrowing Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ slogan. They say that a crazy dream becomes reality when you just do it – and this is true for your studies too. Sometimes you don’t want to do an assignment or study, and sometimes it just must be done. Stay positive and know it’s an important step to reach your career goals!

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How to Study and Stay Motivated





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