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What is work placement and how does it work?

Work placement is a training program that is structured and undertaken in a workplace, it is suited to your training and includes activities and set tasks overtime and under guidance of a professional in the industry. While working in work placement you are required to complete a logbook with your hours and relevant tasks undertaken.

Throughout your time in the workplace you will be required to participate in interviews with your work supervisor and trainer from Insight Training. The workplace provides Insight Training the ability to work with you and assess your skills and knowledge that you have developed in the workplace and will allow your trainer to sign off on assessments you can only complete in the workforce. Work placement hours vary depending on the level of the course. Your educator is the best person to discuss your work placement hours with.

Before approaching a business that you are comfortable with or one that friends or family have spoken to you about, it is important to speak to you trainer. Your trainer will know when you are ready to start working in your chosen industry and needs to make sure that you have chosen a workplace that meets the requirements. If you are not sure of a place to approach for work placement, speak to you trainer. They will be able to tell you where to start.

The length of time you are required to participate in work placement varies between courses. Your trainer will let you know how many hours you are required to do.


Does Insight Training find me work placement?

Insight Training does expect students to organise their own work placement however support is provided should you not be able to find a suitable workplace.

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