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What is the LLN and why do I need to complete it?

The Acer LLN is an assessment a student needs to complete to be eligible to attract assistance through VET Fee Help. They must complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Core Skills Profile.

As part of the new Government requirements for VET Fee Help Students,  student’s must complete the ACER LLN. Unless you are able to provide the Government Issued certificate.

In the guidelines it stipulates that a student must get the following result:

Reading – Exit Level 3 (Minimum)

Numeracy – Exit Level 3 (Minimum)

Writing – No minimum is stipulated

What happens if I don’t meet the minimal requirements for the LLN?

We set you up to have a second attempt, if you were unsuccessful in the second attempt we will refer your enrolment to our Course Careers Advisors and they will be in contact with you to discuss alternative option other then VFH.

I have a Government issued Year 12 certificate, do I still need to complete the LLN?

No, you will just need to submit your Government issued Certificate upon enrolment and this will exempt you from completing the LLN.

If I have previously completed the ACER LLN Assessment, can I provide these results to Insight Training instead?

If the ACER LLN Assessment was completed in the last 6 months, you will not be required to complete the assessment again, however if your results are over 6 months old, a new ACER LLN will be required to be completed.

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What is the LLN and why do I need to complete it?





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