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How to Become a Podiatrist Assistant


Over the course of our lives, we spend thousands of hours on our feet. Therefore, it’s no surprise how millions of us experience issues with our feet and ankles, particularly as we age. 

Fortunately, Podiatrists are at the ready to help look after our feet, from skin issues to sprain – what’s more, as the populace becomes more attuned to wellbeing, Podiatry is becoming a more sought-after profession.  

A good way to enter this profession is by becoming a Podiatrist Assistant. Today, our article looks into Podiatry in more detail – the skills and responsibilities involved in becoming a Podiatrist Assistant, and how to obtain the correct certification to fast-track your career potential in Podiatry.

What does a Podiatrist Assistant do? 

While a Podiatrist resolves issues with a patient’s ankles and feet, a Podiatrist Assistant plays a critical role in supporting both the Podiatrist and their patients.  

Working alongside the Podiatrist, an Assistant performs an array of tasks to ensure optimum patient care and the smooth, efficient running of the private clinic or podiatry department. 

Some tasks involve direct-to-patient, practical support, which may include preparing a patient before treatment, assisting with surgical procedures or treating a wound. They might also be responsible for educating the patient on post-surgical care.  

Other Podiatrist Assistant tasks are administrative, such as completing medical documents and keeping patient files up to date. 

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What are the Benefits of Becoming a Podiatry Assistant? 

If you enjoy working with people and helping resolve their problems, healthcare is an excellent industry to join. As a Podiatry Assistant, you will appreciate the following benefits in particular:  

  • A high-demand sector growing exponentially year-on-year
  • A varied day, every day – different ages, all requiring different care!
  • Financial rewards – an average salary of $57k per annum*
  • Job satisfaction in knowing you are helping a patient’s health and wellbeing

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Podiatrist Assistant Key Responsibilities

If you are considering becoming a Podiatrist Assistant, you might be wondering what a typical day looks like.  

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a Podiatrist Assistant in Australia: 

  • Maintaining a clean and sterile work environment 
  • Preparing examination rooms according to infection control protocols 
  • Sterilising operative equipment and instruments ahead of surgery 
  • Educating patients on foot health and post-operative care 
  • Updating patient records according to their care 
  • Liaising with other health professionals about patient health 

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Qualities of a Good Podiatrist Assistant

Healthcare can be a highly demanding profession, although a highly rewarding one. To be successful as a Podiatrist Assistant, you will need several key qualities, including: 

Medical knowledge: Industry expertise is essential when dealing with the health of patients. You will need a sound understanding of the foot and ankle anatomy, common conditions and medical terminology to excel in this role. 

Attention to detail: Many Podiatry tasks require the utmost precision. This means accuracy and attention to detail are key throughout your day, particularly when completing hands-on tasks. 

Compassion: Empathy is essential when dealing with patients who need care. A good assistant should be able to provide emotional support and understanding to your patients. 

Organisational skills: Working in a fast-paced environment with many different types of tasks to complete, you will need to be highly organised and efficient. 

Communication skills: The ability to use clear and concise communication is paramount in healthcare, whether you are dealing with other professionals or patients.  

Learn more about becoming a Podiatrist Assistant 

Podiatry Assistant Certification

To work in this challenging yet rewarding industry, it is highly recommended you first study a Podiatry Assistant course.  

HLT33021 Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance 

This nationally recognised certificate helps pave your way towards a career in the healthcare industry.     

During the course, you will develop a range of skills essential for supporting senior health workers across multiple fields, such as Podiatry. On completing the course, you will be qualified for an entry-level position in private or public health services. This includes many other healthcare support roles – a Physiotherapist Assistant, Audiologist Aide or Aged Care Activities Assistant, to name a few. 

Students must complete 11 units of competency – 8 core and 3 elective – and 80 hours of practical work in an approved healthcare facility.  

There are no entry requirements for this course, although it is preferred that you have obtained a Higher School Certificate (HSC) or equivalent.  

Later, you may choose to continue your studies and complete Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Podiatry).  

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Kickstart your career in healthcare with Insight Training!

There is no better time to kick-start your career as a Podiatry Assistant, and studying for Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance is the perfect start to your journey. 

Flexible learning and affordable study are just two reasons to complete Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance with Insight Training – Australia’s leading course provider. 

Talk to our team for more information about our range of healthcare courses. 

Or, if you are ready to get going with your studies, why wait! Sign up today!  

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