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Why Volunteering is a Great Way to Find Your Perfect Job

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Looking for your dream job but don’t have relevant experience to find it? This is where volunteering can help you out. As a volunteer in Western Australia, you could work with an array of organisations and people in the community without expecting payment. This can be a great personal investment and may help you land your dream job!

Why Volunteer

Volunteering can boost your career in many ways. Some of the top reasons why you should volunteer include gaining; job experience, new skills, a network of new contacts, self-confidence and making your resume look great.

Gain Experience

Employers look for relevant work experience while scanning potential employees. Your volunteer experience demonstrates you are committed and reliable and can complete tasks on time. This experience also shows you are a good team player and meet your commitments. If you do volunteer work in your field of future work it will also give you industry experience.

 Get New Skills

As a volunteer, you will get opportunities to improve existing skills and learn new ones. For example, you may get a chance to improve your communication skills and customer service skills. You may even learn to work on various computer programs or acquire marketing skills.

Volunteering while you are employed can help you enhance your current skills. For instance, you can improve your people skills by volunteering at a local event or festival.

Knowing your skill level before you volunteer is important because certain volunteer roles may require more advanced skills than you currently have. Ideally, look for volunteering opportunities that help you improve your skills and help you with the next stage of your career.

Opportunities to Expand Your Network

Volunteering is a great way to build a robust network of industry contacts. As you start volunteer work, you will get to meet new people. Maintain a list of people you meet during your regular tasks. This can include clients, suppliers, company directors, local staff, and fellow volunteers. You never know when and how these contacts can help you.

Find the Right Career Direction

Whether you are starting your first job or want a career change, volunteering offers opportunities to explore different industries. Knowing about the roles and responsibilities within an industry will help you to determine what jobs you are interested in.

Make Your Resume Look Great

Volunteer work looks great on a resume. If you are able to volunteer in an organisation related to the industry you want to work in this will provide you with industry experience. Industry experience is what employers want and it will make your resume and application stand out.

Employers often also look for candidates who are community-minded and volunteering is a perfect way to demonstrate this.

 Boost Your Confidence

Lack of confidence is very common among young people, and those who have been unemployed for a long time. It is also natural to feel discouraged or disheartened when you have been unsuccessful at past job interviews. This is where doing volunteering can help you out. Volunteering will assist you in staying active, productive and confident.

Get to Know Yourself Better

Having a high level of self-awareness is the basis for achieving a successful career. If you have an idea of what job role you are interested in, you can start working as a volunteer in that field to discover if you enjoy the industry.

Volunteering can also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. It can help you focus your training on area’s that you need to work on.

Determine Career Goals

Once you have found a career that you are interested in, the next step is to understand what training you need for that role. You can start a vocational education course aligned to that career which will prepare you with knowledge required for the role and job ready skills.

Volunteering is a win-win situation. You will receive work experience, whilst also helping your community. Combining experience with vocational education is a winning formula. Employers want to know that you also have job ready skills – which you will get from a vocational education course.

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Why Volunteering is a Great Way to Find Your Perfect Job





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