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How to Become a Teacher’s Aide


As all parents will agree, teachers are critical to their child’s development.  

Yet this fundamental role has its challenges, and one teacher alone can struggle to give a class all the attention it needs, particularly when student numbers are high, or individuals require extra support. That’s where a Teacher’s Aide steps in. 

In today’s article, you will learn all about this crucial educational role and how to become a Teacher’s Aide, helping prepare you to deliver an unrivalled learning experience to children in Australian schools. 

What does a Teacher’s Aide do? 

In summary, a Teacher’s Aide (TA for short) is a supporting role, assisting a lead teacher and their students during their time in the classroom. 

Also referred to as an Education Assistant (or EA), the overall responsibility of an EA is to help ensure each lesson runs smoothly by providing hands-on support to both the teacher and the students however required. This might involve delivering learning instructions to an individual or a small group of children; occasionally, they may need to oversee the whole class – for example, when the lead teacher is called away temporarily. Most one-to-one guidance occurs when a child has a specific learning need and struggles to keep up with the lesson independently. EAs are also involved in class preparation, organising learning materials or equipment needed for the day ahead.  

Ultimately, the role of an EA ensures a positive learning experience for everyone, helping individuals succeed academically and socially. 

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What are the Benefits of Becoming a Teacher’s Aide? 

There is much to like about becoming a Teacher’s Aide. Some of the key benefits of taking up this role in Western Australia include:  

  • Varied responsibilities – helping different aged children with different needs
  • Financial rewards – an average salary of $57.5k per annum*
  • Job satisfaction – supporting children to succeed in their studies

Study to become a Teacher’s Aide 

Teacher’s Aide Key Responsibilities

If you think a Teacher’s Aide role sounds varied, you’d be correct. While the school where you work won’t change on a daily basis, the tasks you are expected to complete certainly will!    

Here are some of the essential responsibilities of a Teacher’s Aide. 

  • Assisting the teacher to deliver instructions and learning materials to pupils 
  • Supporting children one-to-one or during group work sessions 
  • Maintaining a respectful classroom and good behaviour 
  • Preparing teaching materials and resources 
  • Supervising children during recess or lunch breaks  
  • Providing individualised support for individuals with special needs 
  • Assisting with marking work completed in class and at home 
  • Communicating with parents about a child’s progress 

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What are the Main Teacher’s Aide Requirements? 

Most schools in Australia prefer you have a Teacher’s Aide certification in order to work. In addition, numerous personal and professional skills benefit anybody wanting to become a TA. 

Patience: Working with young children can be a challenge, especially those with learning difficulties. Patience and empathy go a long way when you’re a TA, as you work to help children who require specialised support.  

Organisational skills: You will need to prepare different learning materials every day – perhaps every lesson – and your ability to organise the classroom ahead of your pupils attending is essential. 

Communication skills: Your clear and concise communication skills are paramount in education, whether working with a group, an individual or supporting the lead teacher.  

Flexibility: Even with a weekly timetable, situations can change quickly in a school, requiring you to be flexible and ready to adapt to the needs of those around you. 

Working in a Team: Classroom-based learning typically involves up to thirty people at a time. Applying a team approach to your role will help you get the most from your group of students – even when working with just one individual. 

Learn more about becoming a Teacher’s Aide   

Teacher’s Aide Qualifications

In Australia, it is recommended for people teaching in classroom-based education to obtain a certification.  

CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support 

This nationally recognised certificate is your gateway to a career in education, starting as a TA.  

During the course, you will develop a range of practical skills essential for supporting children in the classroom. Students must complete 15 units of competency – 10 core and 5 elective – covering topics like supporting students with literacy and numeracy, planning education programs and managing classroom behaviour 

This course has no entry requirements, although most applicants have a Higher School Certificate (HSC) or equivalent.  

Later, you may continue your studies and complete Certificate IV in School Based Education Support, or enter the education sector as a TA, Education Support Worker, Indigenous Education Assistant or Home Tutor.   

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Kickstart your career in education with Insight Training! 

When you are ready to become a Teacher’s Aide, studying for Certificate III in School Based Education Support with Insight Training is the perfect start.  

As a leading course provider in WA, we offer flexible learning and affordable study as standard to people studying Certificate III in School Based Education Support. 

Talk to our team for more information about this course. 

Or, if you are ready to get going with your studies immediately, sign up today!  

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